Tuesday, 27 August 2013


all images from pinterest/tumblr

Some late summer inspiration before I head to Greece on a loooong awaited holiday for two wifi-free weeks! Side note: see the pink skirt in the last picture? I tried to make a pair of shorts in that same colour and fabric, but unfortunately they ripped whilst I pulled them over my hips. Poof went my self esteem...In fact it's probably just as well, as they definitely would not have fit after I return from Greece, 5 kilos heavier, and with a feta phobia caused by over-exposure to Greek cheese. Oh, the joys of holidays!

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  1. I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Greek holiday. I actually love being without the internet (after the initial frisson of 'what? No emails?') I generally return determined to reduce its impact in each day, which lasts for a little while at least.

  2. I completely agree, I definitely want to make an attempt at limiting my internet exposure (addictive though it is)