Tuesday, 27 August 2013


all images from pinterest/tumblr

Some late summer inspiration before I head to Greece on a loooong awaited holiday for two wifi-free weeks! Side note: see the pink skirt in the last picture? I tried to make a pair of shorts in that same colour and fabric, but unfortunately they ripped whilst I pulled them over my hips. Poof went my self esteem...In fact it's probably just as well, as they definitely would not have fit after I return from Greece, 5 kilos heavier, and with a feta phobia caused by over-exposure to Greek cheese. Oh, the joys of holidays!

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

head to toe


Some things about this outfit...

1) The top is a complete Marant rip off. I LOVE you, Zara

2)  When you spend too much time in Zara during the sales, you purchase scary things, like leather-look trousers that are too short for you. I could've regretted it, but methinks this was a good purchase. Firstly, Isabel Marant does cropped leather trousers, and secondly, my granny likes them, so at least that's a start!

3) I have refused to take these boots off my feet since I bought them. I was so glad when I found them half price - after a search for something that looked marginally like the Marant Dicker boots at a more-than-marginally smaller price - that they flew out of my hands and across the shop floor mid-happy dance. They are luckily so far unscathed. 

4) So happy to have found a hat that isn't too big for my ridiculous tiny head! It's love...

5) Can I have a medal for having mentioned Isabel Marant in 4 out of 5 bullet points? Thanks. 

Monday, 19 August 2013


Who needs self help books when you have Pinterest? After spending several months curating a stylish board full of images of cool people you wish you looked like, you analyse the pins. A lot of them are of people wearing hats you don't even know the name of (is it a fedora? a panama? who knows?), but these people look cool. Conclusion: if you buy one of these hats, your life will be better. You will be happier. You will overcome the inherited fact that you look ridiculous in all hats (thanks, Dad), probably won't be able to find one small enough for your pinhead, and you definitely won't get called a hipster for wearing it to school. Pinterest has just saved your life.

 My (pin)inspiration:

 Me in my new hat (Urban Outfitters)

Friday, 16 August 2013


One of my three (ha) followers, Jan from visionofsight.blogspot.com, has very kindly awarded me the cutely named Liebster award. This is basically a blogging chain letter of sorts, with the purpose of promoting blogs with under 200 followers.  

I'm meant to pass the award along to my favourite 11 blogs with under 200 followers - but being the grinch I am who has always grumbled at chain letters, I thought I'd graciously accept without nominating others. In fact, I honestly don't think I read any blogs with under 200 followers- and definitely not 11...This said, I'm still going to go ahead and answer Jan's questions because -let's be honest-who doesn't love answering questions about themself?


1. Do you mind being a 'small' blogger? With less than 200 subscribers?
Well, I've only just started blogging and I didn't expect  to have hundreds of readers from the off, so I don't mind 
at all for the time being :D

2. What's blogging to you? A hobby, a passion, a job,...?
Just a hobby for the moment...I love being able to waffle on without anyone yawning in boredom - or if they are, at least I
can't see them!

3. Describe your blog in 5 words!
Lighthearted, wordy, personal, still growing

4. Where to you want to be when you're 35?
I like to see myself with a family, a successful career that I enjoy, and living in a city (probably London) 

5. What is your favourite object or moment?
I have a toy bunny rabbit that I've had since I was a baby, it still comforts me to see it and I feel lame saying so, but I'd be
really upset if I ever lost it!

6. Do you have an opinion about my blog?
I didn't know it before you followed me, but you seem like a cool guy (also Belgium is not so far from where I live :D)

7. Explain how your environment influences you and your blog? Or why it doesn't?
I live in Luxembourg, which is not exactly a fashion epicentre, so I think the reason I got into reading blogs (apart from the
fact that I'm a massive nosy parker) was to find style inspiration that I might not necessarily see on the streets...

8. What do you prefer: fame, career, children, family or friends?
I would say family, because they're the only people you know will be there for you your entire life (cue the soppy music)

9. Are you still in school? What do you study? Or what is your job?
Yep, I've got two school years left before university (SCARY), and I'll be studying maths, french, english and history for
those next two years

10. What tells the most to you: words or image?
Such a difficult question - they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I'll have to go with words, because the best 
writing can create an image in the head that's different for each reader, which I think is quite amazing!

11. Name me your most worn piece or outfit?
I'm basically surgically attached to my skinny jeans, and also my tan suede ankle boots which I insist on wearing in all 
weathers, haha :D

Saturday, 10 August 2013

the tempest

It's no secret to those who know me that I adore fashion magazines. Though I am way too stingy to buy them for myself really regularly, when I do I pore over every page: I inhale the inspiration, soak up the creativity and devour articles which use such examples of pretentious metaphors. My all-time favourite magazine editorial is the one you can feast your eyes on below; I saw it in the June 2012 issue of Elle UK. The delicate and ethereal (ALWAYS wanted to use that word) beaded garments and the shimmery makeup create such a magical feel! I now hold the people behind these stunning photos responsible for the fact that my new life ambition is to be a mermaid - nothing is impossible, right?

'The Tempest' - Gwen Loos by Enrique Badulescu for Elle UK/source

Saturday, 3 August 2013

drawstring dress

So this is the first time my face has appeared properly on the blog - just don't expect any scary close ups any time soon from the un-photogenic me (sorry to disappoint)!

The other day I whipped up this grey jersey dress from-funnily enough-some grey jersey I had languishing in my stash. It was actually modelled on this American Apparel number and is basically a huge A-line vest top in shape, with a drawstring waist. As well as being incredibly easy to wear, it was incredibly easy to make, especially since I neglected hemming anything or finishing any seams - but hey, it's jersey and doesn't fray, plus it was too hot to sit baking at a sewing machine for hours on end, so I can forgive myself this once :D

(photos by my sister and her new toy camera)
sorry about the tongue, still getting the hang of this posing thing