Tuesday, 20 August 2013

head to toe


Some things about this outfit...

1) The top is a complete Marant rip off. I LOVE you, Zara

2)  When you spend too much time in Zara during the sales, you purchase scary things, like leather-look trousers that are too short for you. I could've regretted it, but methinks this was a good purchase. Firstly, Isabel Marant does cropped leather trousers, and secondly, my granny likes them, so at least that's a start!

3) I have refused to take these boots off my feet since I bought them. I was so glad when I found them half price - after a search for something that looked marginally like the Marant Dicker boots at a more-than-marginally smaller price - that they flew out of my hands and across the shop floor mid-happy dance. They are luckily so far unscathed. 

4) So happy to have found a hat that isn't too big for my ridiculous tiny head! It's love...

5) Can I have a medal for having mentioned Isabel Marant in 4 out of 5 bullet points? Thanks.