Monday, 19 August 2013


Who needs self help books when you have Pinterest? After spending several months curating a stylish board full of images of cool people you wish you looked like, you analyse the pins. A lot of them are of people wearing hats you don't even know the name of (is it a fedora? a panama? who knows?), but these people look cool. Conclusion: if you buy one of these hats, your life will be better. You will be happier. You will overcome the inherited fact that you look ridiculous in all hats (thanks, Dad), probably won't be able to find one small enough for your pinhead, and you definitely won't get called a hipster for wearing it to school. Pinterest has just saved your life.

 My (pin)inspiration:

 Me in my new hat (Urban Outfitters)


  1. I totally just did this with a bowler hat, haha! I just found your blog and it is really fun to read! *Internet high five*


    KiriLeigh Blog

    1. Haha, hats ftw! Glad you like it :))