Thursday, 12 September 2013

greece #1

Late last night I returned from lovely Corfu. Most of the relaxing holiday consisted of making the superhuman effort of moving from lilo to sunbed and back again (in fact I was so lazy that at one point I was heard to say "I want to turn onto my back, but I can't be bothered" - you can tell how chilled out I was). Despite this extreme physical exertion, somehow I still manage to feel tired today. I feel this might have something to do with the fact that my body is having to adjust to a temperature half of what it was in Greece and it may perhaps also be my subconscious avoidance strategy for trying to avoid the stack of maths work glaring at me from my desk as I remain firmly planted in my comfy bed in a sweatshirt and fluffy socks (yesterday I was wearing a bikini! I can't cope!)

Anyway, enough of the wallowing (it could be worse - I don't start back at school for a week yet): here are the first lot of photos of my trip, a small selection of silly, blurry iPod snaps to whet your appetite...

beautiful beaches

view from the balcony/me walking on water
more scenic views
sand and shorts/shadow/blue sky selfie
harbour at agios stefanos/finally found a coke with my name on Greek (made my holiday)
arm party/hotdog or leg?/sunbathing
at aqualand waterpark/reddest watermelon ever

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