Sunday, 29 September 2013

isabel marant x H&M

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You knew it was coming...An addition to the sea of blog posts about Isabel Marant x H&M. I'm desperately trying to think of money-earning strategies, short of robbing a bank, ready for the 14th of November. Whilst I perhaps won't be camping outside the nearest H&M through the early hours - come on guys, it's a school day - I definitely will be emptying my piggy bank (am I the only person that still has one of these?) in haste. And so the internal debate starts: is it really worth buying plain white t-shirts, trackies and sweatshirts just because they're designed by Isabel Marant? Basics aside, my favourite pieces are depicted above, though sadly I might have to constrain myself to just that gorgeous black lacy dress. And a belt. And perhaps a skirt. I guess I'll have to go without phone credit for the next few months.

P.S. Would anyone be interested in seeing 'a week in outfits' for next week? Mine, obviously. This may exclude the weekends since I spend them in highly unattractive jersey-based stretch garments.


  1. I love the last ensemble on the right!

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  2. I love the jacket. H&M are coming to our nearest town in 2014! Yes I'd like to see a week in outfits please.