Friday, 4 October 2013

week in outfits: day 1

I call this one the 'pouting orphan'

you're really not pulling off the jacket-on-shoulder look, Sophia...
See! I can look normal! (Occasionally)
jeans/uniqlo, shirt/topshop, faux leather jacket/warehouse, boots/deichmann

Here, my friends, is what I wore on Monday. I'm really loving being able to wear more autumnal garments - like my favourite all-purpose khaki shirt. I could definitely fit in with the rows of soldiers that lined the streets about a year ago for Luxembourg's royal wedding. As my Mum put it, they were so 'working the military trend'.

P.S. I sincerely apologise for my horrifically bad posing and facial expressions. Being that annoying cheerful and optimistic person most of the time, it seems ironic that I'm also afflicted with chronic bitch face...

P.P.S. Just noticed the stripy tan line on my arms in the last picture. Lord help me and my tanning skills.

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