Sunday, 6 October 2013

week in outfits: day 2

My ear makes an appearance through my hair again. This seems to be a recurring issue - if you had seen my Year 10 school photo, you'll know what I mean...

jeans/uniqlo, blouse/zara, jacket/topshop, boots/bocage

One photo today - I looked like there was a horrible smell under my nose in all the others and I don't want you to get the impression that I actually am a perpetually grumpy person. I'm nice, I swear! Except when I'm hungry, cold or tired. Trust me, you wouldn't want to cross me when I'm all three of those things.

Anyway, I wore this on Tuesday (excuse the 5-day delay) to go on a school trip to see As You Like It. I always imagine myself as a sophisticated and cultured lady when I go to the theatre, sitting elegantly on the plush velvet chair, head cocked in appreciation of whatever I might have the privilege of being able to watch. Unfortunately, the reality is usually somewhat different. On this particular occasion my contact lenses refused to cooperate, leaving me rubbing my irritated eyes in frustration - until one of them fell out half way through the second act, rendering me almost blind in one eye. My warped logic led me to decide that the least disruptive way to solve this problem was to spend the rest of the play with my glasses skew-whiff on my head so as that they conveniently covered said eye. Maybe this is why I'm single?

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  1. Lovely outfit! Oh and hungry, cold and tired is a deadly combination for me too!