Sunday, 10 March 2013


Well, hello there internet. I'm Sophia.

This being my second post (and I bet you're itching to read on having seen my witty and innovative first one...that's if anyone besides my family is reading), I thought I'd start with a little introduction about myself.

I'm a just-turned-16-year-old in year 11 (because a couple of months before the most important exams of my life so far is totally the most appropriate time to start a blog...)

I love to sew. Mainly clothes. And this is one of the things I plan to write about here, hopefully a proper 1st post will be coming soon!

I love anything clothes or fashion related, hence the blog title. If you don't get the pun, please contact me for further information. If nobody gets it, I should probably change it. Oh wait - I can't. TOO BAD. 

I'm also a recent Pinterest addict. Click here, amigos. I do love to pin to my colour board, but other than that my favourite things to pin are probably images of Alexa Chung, striped garments (ongoing obsession) and poached eggs (I like eggs, ok?). Perhaps I should seek out a picture of Alexa Chung wearing some colourful stripes and eating a poached egg. 

I like writing, and languages. I'm familiar with French, German, Luxembourgish (look it up) and Greek in descending order of fluency. This means that, despite my best efforts, my knowledge of Greek is limited to asking for different kinds of alcoholic beverages. I blame this CD. After reading what I've written so far, however, I can conclude that I use too many brackets, and if I go on any longer I'll probably start babbling on incoherently about things even my Granny wouldn't want to read about. I should probably stop now, before I reach the point of no return. See you on the other side!

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