Wednesday, 20 March 2013

eiffel tower skirt

If I were prouder, I would tell you that I completed this skirt well in time of the occasion it was made for, and that every stitch and slick of paint was lovingly and painstakingly undertaken with the utmost care. You don't need to know that I finished it the night before the ball I wore it to, or that I decided it would be a good idea to try and hand paint that amount of silk in approximately 4 art lessons. Nevertheless my struggles with the unruly tube of paint amused my classmates (apart from the ones I squirted it all over), and the less-than-perfect motif was intentionally 'rustic'. Promise.

It has a tulle underlay!

The waistband is black satin ribbon (just ignore the creases)

Plus, it's actually circular. Proof:

And here's a gratuitous close-up of the print-inspired by the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

Finally, here's my jive-ready outfit of the night. I had to cut off my head (on the photo, not in real life) because all the photos were really hideous and I wouldn't want to put you off your breakfast/lunch/dinner....

p.s. all photos taken by my sister

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